Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Law of the Jungle in Micronesia [3]

Title: The Law of the Jungle in Micronesia
Location: Micronesia, Oceania
Members: Kim Byung-man, Ryu Dam, Park Jung-chul, Oh Jong-hyuk, Im Won-hee,
 Ye Ji-won, Si-wan (ZE:A), Chan-yeol (EXO)[11]
Airdate: December 20, 2013 - February 21, 2014
Notes: Chan-yeol and Si-wan performed a "Relay Survival", with Chan-yeol participating for 
the first week (ep.1-5) then returning to Korea and Si-wan joining the remaining members 
for the second week

Episode 90 Eng Sub 
Episode 91 Eng Sub
Episode 92 Eng Sub
Episode 93 Eng Sub
Episode 94 Eng Sub

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